Every apps declared its permission when you install it. It doesn’t request permissions you cannot actually control these permission. If you are one the users of the device powered by android, you might definitely have known about permissions that is asked by Google during installation of any kinds of application in your devices. The so called app permission lets you know what the application might be using about you from your devices but little you know about the details how those information are going to be used. Even though letting know users what those apps are going to use is something which can be appreciated, the details that are not provided with the permission makes users confused about the way their information is being circulated and applications access is going to affect them in the future. Rarely are those who know what actually does the permission to such access do.

Technologies have gone too far these days and there are many things that are going to make an effect in the process of innovation. So the sky is only the limit in today’s date with the help of technology and same is the case with android too. However with this unlimited power, there comes the dark side as well. Knowing this google added the permission to the android. This enables users to know what kinds of uses the application can make in their devices. This also helps google to block any other activities other than those listed in the permission. However even after knowing the permission we are not able to make any decisions about it. We have no idea how to judge those apps on the basis of permissions. But it has an advantage that it stops apps from doing whatever they want without the acknowledgement of the user. Permissions are handled by the Android API framework in the system process which helps to check the permission validation mechanism thus letting them or stopping them from doing any activities based on their granted permissions. Its is automatic so developers wont have to worry about the handling of the permissions. There are certain permission in the android like in-app purchases, location(use of gps), contacts, sms,etc.

Even though the permission are automatically handled, we the users of the devices don’t really get to change anything about the permission. The only thing we can do is to accept or deny to install apps with such permissions. There was an app call app ops which let users edit the permission, certain apps can have on their device. However with the news that the new version might have such feature, people were expecting to have the same app. But in the new version of android i.e marshmallow, a dialog box pops up asking for the permission to be granted or rejected by the user. Its annoying to have such feature. The feature of app ops back in android 4.3 was way better. But its a good thing that the apps at least have to go though user to get permission which makes the privacy of the users more secure and provide users a peace of mind.