How To Stop Whats App From Sharing Your Data With Facebook

Whatsapp to share your data with facebook- just 30 days to stop it. You might be confusing, what’s the hell writing on this article. But it’s true; Whatsapp is going to share your data with facebook. So hurry to stop doing this within just 30 days. Not more that. So, in this article I am going to give you all the hidden secrets of them; why it is doing so and what the data are shared between them.

Since we know that nothing comes for free; whatever the company launched their products, their main motto unknowingly or knowingly is to develop a strong user base and use them for their benefits, nothing’s more. Now, the same case has come in our eyes, which the Whatsapp is going to do. It has made us clear like a crystal that it would begin sharing its user’s data with the company, Facebook. However, Whatsapp would offer a partial opt-out for facebook targeted ads and product related purposes.

Now let’s know what the Whatsapp is going to do with your data.

WhatsApp had introduced some significant changes to its privacy policy and T and Cs today if accepted once, permits it to connect user’s Facebook accounts to WhatApp accounts for the first time, giving facebook more data about users for delivering more relevant ads on the social network. Not only this, but this messaging service will also let you push your data to share some of your details like phone numbers with facebook.

However, you need not have to worry about the contents of your WhatsApp messages like words and images although Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion in 2014. Both are end-to-end encrypted, i.e., even the company would not read them.

Now let’s know how to opt-out of sharing data for facebook ad –targeting purpose.

Only there are two alternatives you can follow to opt-out;

One way is for those users, who have not yet agreed to the new terms of service and privacy policy, so before agreeing to the new terms, follow these simple steps:

  1. When prompted to accept the updated T&Cs, tap Read to expand the full text.
  2. A checkbox option at the bottom of the policy for sharing your data on Facebook will appear.
  3. Untick this option before hitting Agree. This will let you opt out of the data-sharing.

The second option is for those who have already accepted the new T&Cs without unchecking the box to share their information with Facebook. And WhatsApp is also offering a thirty-day window for users to make the same choice via the settings page in the app. To do so, you need to follow these steps:

Go to Settings >Account > Share my account info in the WhatsApp app

Uncheck the box displayed there within 30 days, as after that this partial opt-out window will expire.

Although end-to-end encryption was done between them; however WhatsApp states Facebook can receive your data in some situations. So it has become hard to find a right platform to secure our data, we also bound or suspicious to think that whether two favorite secure apps like Telegram and Signal, would also do such in future or not.