Open Source 25-core processor chip can be scaled up to 2, 00,000-core computer. Can you imagine, how fast will be our computer, if this is build? All our personal computer would operate the data as like Super Computer, which no one believes? But it’s true; this will be the future computer processor of ours. For this reason, many Researchers have designed a new computer chip to boost up the speed of computers and data centers along with parallel processing applications.

Princeton University Researchers have developed a 25-core open source processor and named as Piton after the metal spikes used by rock climbers. And this has been designed to be flexible, highly scalable, fast and energy-efficient to meet the requirements of huge-scale data centers.

However, researchers had decided to design or develop such a chip which could be used massively in large data centers to handle the cloud services, email services, search and social networking requests. So, they decided to work with Piton to create a giant 2, 00, 000-core computer stuffed with 8,000 64-bit Piton Chips, which would make a massive collection of cores in sync when processing different applications in parallel.  So, this would be the largest ever built in academic and it would also run in servers more efficiently and cheaply, that no one could imagine, how cheap it would be?

Actually, Piton is an open-source processor based on OpenSparc, and is a modified version of Oracle’s OpenSparc T1 processor. Besides, the current version of the Piton Chip would measure 6mm*6mm with over 460 Million Transistors (each 32nm), which would make Piton the largest Chip ever in the Academic history.

Besides, there are also many Pitons’ features like

  1. 25 modified OpenSparc T1 cores
  2. Directory-based shared memory
  3. 3 On-chip networks
  4. Multi-chip shared memory support
  5. 1 GHz clock frequency
  6. IBM 32nm SOI process (6mm X 6mm)
  7. 460 Million transistors

In contrary, there are also many researchers from University of Glasgow, created an ultra-fast 1,000-core computer processor; IBM unveiled neuromorphic computing-based “TrueNorth”, a 4,096 cores brain-like processor chip designed to mimic the human brain for real-time efficiency; not only this, another innovation by the researchers is “Memory Traffic Shaper” which acts as a mediator between the demands of different apps which would access the memory on the chip and waving them properly, so that they do not block the system. It is also noted that this technique would increase the performance of computer by 18% increase as compared to conventional means of memory allocation and there are also many unrevealed research going on.

However, the readily scalable design of Piton would allow thousands of cores on a single chip with half a billion cores in the data center to allow more processing power (due to more cores).

Hence, Piton is yet a prototype for future commercial server systems which would provide high speed processing feature as like super computer to us. So be ready for the next generation of highly advanced processor computer.