iOS-9 What’s New-Apple

iOS 9 is full of enhancement which will appreciate you everyday and your apps become essentials. The multitasking features of ipad make you more productive. Siri can do more and new proactive suggestion which helps you to get the things you ask before. It has some improvement at the foundation level of the operating system which enhance battery life, performance and security. The more you do with iOS 9, it will wonder you how you did without it ever.

The powerful built-in apps designed for the essential things you use them on  your iphone and ipad everyday such as mail, web browsing, messages, maps, making notes and many more. iOS 9 brings the key enhancement to your apps which introduce new brand that will change how you experience.

iOS 9 has added new apps on your home screen. All the interested stories you kept in one place. So you don’t have to hunt different apps and website to make sure for not missing the next big story. All the articles are pulled from wide range of sources which is from the top organization to indie publication. Stories are chosen on the basis of what you would like to and use the news which will be better to pick out just what you want to optimized for beautiful experience no matter which device you are using.