india makes semiconductor chip

3rd April 2021, Kathmandu

India is planning to manufacture semiconductor chips in the country. India doesn’t plan on dependent on China forever.

The government will give $1 billion to each semiconductor chip manufacturing company to assist with this. With the funds, the government plans to build a semiconductor manufacturing plant in India. In order to improve the supply chain for smartphone assembly companies.

Indians Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India campaign has elevated India to second place in the world’s mobile manufacturing after China.

According to government officials, the government will provide $1 billion to a company that will also produce a semiconductor chip. And will also mandate companies to buy semiconductors in India.

After a conflict between Chinese and Indian troops on the Indian border erupted last year. India wants to reduce its dependency on China. India wants to produce services and products in the country, particularly in the fields of electronics and telecommunications.

Also, India isn’t the only country looking to subsidize domestic semiconductor manufacturing. Moves like this will are also an attempt to weaken China’s grip on the world’s manufacturing units.


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