Service of Nepal Telecom

3rd April 2021, Kathmandu

The MP’s of Province No. 2 and Bagmati have complaints about the quality of Nepal Telecom’s mobile service.

They have accused that the telecom offering inferior service compared to the private sector.

Speaking at the event, MP Dr. Amaresh Kumar Singh accused the telecom firm of stealing money from workers. In order to offer lower-quality services than the private sector.

‘Only data and towers are shown, but no details about the condition and quality of the customers are shown,’ he said. He also said that the quality of Wi-Fi service was also low.

Speaking at the event, Krishna Prasad Dahal, MP from Makwanpur and Chairman of the Finance Committee, expressed concern that Nepal Telecom was stealing money from customers even when they were recharging their phones.

He said that the amount would be removed as soon as the recharge was completed. And that the technology had the potential to steal the consumer’s money too.

Dev Prasad Timilsena, MP for Rautahat, shared his opinion of not having a telecom network on the highways. And suggested that more towers should be built on the highways.

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