Why Is It Better To Choose 5TB Of Cloud Storage Over The Hard Disk

April 17, 2020, Kathmandu

A lifetime 5TB subscription at the price of $79.99/£66.75 may sound much expensive. But compare it with a hard drive of the same capacity, you would know why this is a better option to choose over harddrive. Polar backup, operated by Zoolz, an established company in the cloud storage market, is providing a new cloud storage service. They are offering this cloud storage service price less than 16$ per 1TB.

Reasons to buy cloud storage service for your files:

It is an affordable, reliable, and most secure method to keep your files.

As the subscription is for a lifetime, you don’t have to worry about data loss or deletion. You can back up an unlimited number of external devices. Polarbackup even supports file versioning.

Your data and files are safe with 256-bit encryption. Polar supports both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Zoolz also operates the service, so security would not be a problem. A safer place and secure for the long term are all the main reasons, Polarbackup service offer is a better than average hard drive.


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