ISPAN Contribution in Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

14th May 2020, Kathmandu

Internet Service Provider Association of Nepal (ISPAN) has published a press release regarding its contribution to fighting the pandemic. ISPAN informs of its economic and safety equipment contributions through the press release.

Furthermore, it addresses the increasing rate of coronavirus cases in Nepal in recent days. Also, the statement mentions the responsibility of each individual in fighting the pandemic.

The press release includes the following points:

  • The Chief Minister of the National Innovation Center, Shri Mahabir Pun, has been contributing to fight coronavirus by providing various types of health products at the local level for free. Therefore, ISPAN has provided financial support of Rs. 5,00,000/- for this program.
  • Manav Sewa Ashram, Bhaktapur has been doing philanthropic work by feeding the needy twice a day during the pandemic. The association informs of its involvement for the cause by providing Rs. 2,01,000/- as financial support.
  • The association has supported the Traffic Police Station by providing 300 units of K95 Mask, 300 units of Sanitizer, 5 packets (500 units) of gloves.
  • We have provided assistance to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office, Ranipokhari by providing 300 units of K95 masks, 300 units of sanitizers, 5 packets (500 units) of gloves.
  • We have provided 375 units of K95 masks, 300 units of sanitizers, 5 packets (500 units of gloves) to journalist friends under the Nepal Press Council.
  • In addition, we have provided 300 units of 95 masks, 300 units of sanitizers, 50 packets (5,000 units of gloves), and 15,000 units of general masks to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

ISPAN expresses great pride and gratification to support welfare programs and be part of such programs. Lastly, the association urges everyone to stay home and stay safe.

ISPAN Press Release:



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