Broadband Internet Access Reaches 41 Districts

Broadband internet access reached to 57.45 percent of Nepal

14th May 2020, Kathmandu

Broadband internet access reached to 57.45 percent of agencies operating in 41 districts of Nepal.

That is to say, there is a fund created to access the internet in all operating agencies of Nepal. The fund is named Rural Telecommunication Development Fund. Under this fund, there are 18 projects which are currently under operation. The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) informs that out of these 18 projects under the fund, 11 projects are working to provide services in 41 districts.

To clarify, there is an improvement in the development of the usage of the fund. So far, 57.45 percent of the internet connection is complete under the broadband internet access project.

This information that we shared with you is made public by the NTA in a press release.

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The Project Distribution

As per the NTA, there are 18 projects in the RTDF.

For instance, Local body Offices 701

Ward Offices 5,952

Secondary Schools 5,597

Health Institutions 4,351

To clarify, this makes the total sites in 18 projects equivalent to 16,601.

On the other hand, there are 15 project site agreements as well. We listed the details below:

Local body offices 574

Ward Offices 4,804

Secondary Schools 4,487

Health Institutions 3,581

Hence, this makes the 15 project sites of total 13,465.

However, these are only projects and the site numbers for the development of internet connectivity.

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The NTA also made public the actual number of sites with an internet connection. The details are:

Local body 431, which is 61.48 %

Ward Offices 3,612 which is 60.68 %

Secondary Schools 2,948 which is 52.67 %

Health Institutions 2,546 which is 58.52 %

In 2018, NTA informed that it is developing 18 broadband internet projects under RTDF in rural parts of the country. Intending to mobilize RTDF and increase people’s access to the internet, NTA awarded all 18 such projects to internet service providers (ISPs).

Under these projects, ISPs require to expand broadband internet service in the government offices, particularly in all rural municipalities across the country, schools, hospitals, public places, and rural areas.


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