Jajarkot Municipalities

28 March 2021, Kathmandu

Three remote villages of Jajarkot are linked to the communication service for the first time.

After the construction of new towers ‘2G’ and ‘4G’ by Nepal Telecom, three remote villages are connected to the communication service in Jajarkot municipality.

The three Rural municipalities are Shivalaya, Junichande, and Barekot.

The locals now have easy communication thanks to the construction of telecom towers. And the service began operational in those villages that previously did not have telephones.

According to Nepal Telecom Jajarkot, the tower has brought connectivity to all wards of Barekot Municipality, Junichande Municipality, and Shivalaya Municipality. And including some wards of Chhedagad Municipality.

Sirjana Basnet, Ward Chairman of Barekot Gaonpalika-4, said that the requirement to leave for hours to make a call has now ended. Previously, there was no tower, I had to deal with several issues while making a phone call.

The 4G service has already operational in Junichande and Shivalaya municipalities and in Barekot municipality since Thursday.

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