SmartCell Network

24 March 2021, Kathmandu

The Nagarik App can now be used from SmartCell’s mobile number as of today. Previously, only Nepal Telecom and Ncell numbers could use the Nagarik app. However, SmartCell numbers will now be included in the Nagarik App.

Earlier, Smart Telecom did not integrate the app into its network, creating concerns about the data in the app. Since then, customers of Smart Telecom have complained of discrimination.

Now the Nagarik App is available on the smart network.

Smart users can create an account without having to update the app. Previously, some issues were encountered while testing Secure Tunneling from the Nagarik App server to the Smart Cell server.

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The government is currently testing the Citizen app, which will provide access to all government services. The app is scheduled to be publicly released in the coming weeks.

Currently, roughly 219 active Smart Telecom customers are on the 4G network.

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