The ‘Unhackable’ Turing Phone

The never breakable phone, ‘touring phone’ is coming, price $650

The mobile phone which is always stable in any condition is not found in the market. In recent, there are few smartphones in the market, which doesn’t get damaged after falling in water and gets less injured after landing on the floor. But the company cannot take complete guarantee of these gadgets. Keeping this thing in mind, the unbreakable smartphone is developed.

In some days only, the unbreakable and un-hackable smartphone is coming in the market. This smartphone is made with the technology, with which nothing will happen to the smartphone though they get drowned in water.

Touring Robotic Industries made such touring phone which smartphone doesn’t get disintegrated and can never be hacked said Wired Ducktum. If this phone arrives in the water, then we can easily take it out from water and dry it in the sun and can be used again without any problems.

This smartphone is made through Liquidmorphium, which is stronger than steel and aluminum. Well, Apple also uses Liquidmorphium in iPhone, but it is working only in the area of keeping sim card.

In touring smartphone, there is a 5.5-inch screen and Android Lollipop 5.1 version. This smartphone is sharply covered and has a multi-colored shell. This smartphone is available in 3 models, Faroha, Cardinal and Beowulf. All these models have got different color and structure.

This smartphone has a Snapdragon processor and has 16GB internal storage. Touring’s new phone has got a 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera.

This smartphone is made with full security. In this, all the apps are encrypted. Is for protection, finger point or fingerprint is needed. For users, their footprint will be their password.

The touring phone will be available for booking from July 31. 16 GB’s this smartphone costs 610 dollars.