More than 100 planets similar in shape of the earth have been discovered. NASA’s telescope Kepler has found out the planets revolving around the alien star. Kepler telescope has found out 9 other small planets as well.

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These planets are predicted to have water in liquid state and the probability of life according to the scientists. These planets have been included in the list of 1,284 new planets discovered by Kepler in one year. This is a double value than that of the previous time.

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The only planet revolving a star outside the solar system is the largest planet as informed by the NASA. The space agency scientists have discussed on this topic on Tuesday. Telescope Kepler can be used to know the relationship between earth and the other newly discovered planets. The scientist of Kepler mission Dr. Nataliya Batalha said that the universe now contains more than 10 billion planets, where might be the possibility of life. Such probable planets are at a distance of 11 light years from the earth. But the task needs sufficient research according to him.