It is about something that we have thinking for a longer time. With the evolution in technology, there might come so many changes that we wont be able to count them with our minds and such technology will all be programmed with at least something so that they can be working as a computer. Every device that has been developing in today’s world are working like the computers giving people the ease of access and we people predicted that someday even a small piece of hardware can turn them into a computer someday. But its too soon of the prediction to come true. Yes, it an amazing news that Intel has come up with a device as small as a memory stick to turn any usb plug-able display into a computer. You can say it a computer on a stick therefore named as a compute stick.

We know that a device is able to work as a computer when it has some core units and with the evolution of computer it has been decreasing in size. From all those big house sized computer to now seen laptops, ipads and smartphones. They all function to compute in one or the other way. They have become advanced nowadays however. But with so many new features added that we have forgotten what computer really meant in those days. Now we use it for various purposes. And what are we seeing is that a small memory like chip turning any hdmi display into a computer. Using one of its Atom processors, Intel managed to cram everything a fully functional PC needs in something the size of a few packs of gum for just $150. With this your display would is same as a pseudo desktop. Though this device might just be a prototype but if predictions take so less time to be true, we can expect the small stick being able to turn anything into a pseudo computer. Yeah we do need other accessories however bt Intel being able to shrink those bulky processor into a small chip is quite a gesture to the whole new era of computing. Later you might not need anything but a huge display to do everything. Watch TV on it and use it as a computer and you wont need anything else. This innovation can change the way IT workers manage computers labs as it has been able to give users the freedom in just a small stick. This device may not be for everyone as all people are not much into geeky stuffs.

If they like a TV they will probably use it for watching Tv channels and etc. And with the smart TV’s being popular in present day, they wont need to turn any device into a computer. However some geeks and brave might like the device as they have the freedom to be with their best partner i.e computer everywhere they go. Even if the Compute Stick gives us a glimpse at a tantalizing future, it’s basically a beta product.