So, we know IT sector has been very kind to supporting the nation and helping out the country with whatever they can from their position. Their contributions in this time are so motivating to others so that everyone is trying their level best to make a difference.

And in the end that’s what it matters right? Among many ISP in Nepal, Worldlink Communications has also tried to contribute in this time of need. Worldlink  is the largest private sector Internet and data service provider in Nepal. It has been providing services to users from a long time.


They were the first ones to go Keureni Gau of Sindhupalchowk with relief materials including foods and household materials like bucket. They also went to other places of Sindhupalchowk to distribute relief. They will be spending nearly 3 lakh for the distribution of relief materials and thier activities entitled to earthquake.

Not just the relief materials, but 25 of their employees also have been a part of clearing debris in Patan Durbar Square.

They also provided free internet during the time of earthquake so that the information could relay easily. With the mutual co-operation with local community and ISPAN( ISP Assosication of Nepal), they have also been serving victims in Charikot, Barpark and Nuwakot.

They have also been setting up communication centers in different places of the affected district so that free calls can be made and internet can be accessed freely with free WiFi.

It has already been set up the centers in some places like Arughat, Melamchi, Nuwakot, Barabise, Charikot and Dhadingbesi. And the center is also being set up in Barpak Gorkha as well. Good going with this initiation.