Lenovo Think P Series Workstations

November 25 2022, Kathmandu

Lenovo Singapore today announced the range of Lenovo ThinkPad P Series and ThinkStation on offer for its Black Friday promotion between November 24 to 28, only on Lenovo’s Official Website. The Think P Series Workstations deliver uncompromised performance that power-intensive artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning workflows for fintech companies.

The workstations deliver maximum performance levels under today’s most demanding AI workloads and remove start-up challenges data scientists face with complete turnkey solutions, leveraging the latest GPU-accelerated AI frameworks and software stacks for maximum productivity, operations and profits, transforming the way people work with more innovative technology.

According to NVIDIA’s State of AI in Financial Services 2022 Survey, 91 per cent of financial services firms are driving critical business outcomes with investments in AI. Groundbreaking technology such as AI, ML and big data analytics have created opportunities for the fintech sector in the fight against financial fraud, using algorithms that analyze significant data sources in real-time.

“Designed with purpose to meet customers’ needs, Lenovo enables fintech firms to address business challenges by modernizing their data center IT architecture in the age of AI and big data,” said Nigel Lee, General Manager of Lenovo Singapore.

“From blockchain to regulatory compliance and infrastructure to end-users, Lenovo empowers thousands of financial services customers globally through workforce-enabling technology and services to align IT with financial industry innovations, pushing the boundaries and building a smarter and faster future.”

Driven by customer feedback, Lenovo mobile and desktop workstations are designed and engineered to deliver their most significant contribution to AI and data science and meet rigorous performance and computing requirements of the fintech industry’s processor-intensive workflows.


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