First Virtual Workspace

23rd June 2021, Kathmandu

Hurry up and grab the offer. Leosquad is offering a 20% discount to the first 100 customers. 

Physical availability seems difficult during the Covid-19 situation. Many offices are switching into remote working. The rate of working from home has drastically increased.

Therefore, LeoSquad was launched by Analogue Inc.  This tool simplifies remote work from large-scale organizations, startups to freelancers. It provides you a clear overview of all the company’s activities.


Leosquad combines features from all other existing software. The aim here is to give opportunities to people who cannot afford big offices for startups. In general words, it’s an economical choice.

It’s an ISO/IEC 17788: 2014 certified software. It means the software develops standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems. Leosquad claims to be a one-in-all management tool.

This software exists to have a workspace that is productive and cost-effective. Its design enables an entrepreneur and the worker to carry out vital tasks from their home easily.

This company wants to build entrepreneurship in the country. To complete that goal, they need to make the workspace productive and efficient.

Leosquad includes it all, from virtual signatures to zoom calls. Anyone who can use their phones can easily find their way inside this software. It’s simple enough to be understood by day-to-day working people.

Features of this Virtual Work Space

Multiple Dashboards

User can observe their business climbing on dashboards. With LeoSquad, make your control station for missions operated by employees and project managers. Plan work with multiple options of dashboards. They offer a project dashboard, HR dashboard, Ticket dashboard, finance dashboard, and the list goes on.

Sub-domain Module

To build your dream projects, Leosquad delivers a range of templates. They help you organize your website content, allot domain space, create testing, and display online stores with LeoSquad’s sub-domain modules.

Asset Management

 It offers you an easy road to organize, manage, and calculate your asset agendas with the help of a variety of features like a built-in knowledge base, email integration, automated routing, and custom forms.


Employees appreciate when they receive their paycheck in time. A satisfied employee works as an asset to the company. This feature helps the business organization with a solution to manage payroll processing.

Events & Calendar

 This feature helps you make schedules, list events, manage, and complete them. It enables you to keep track of your goals and accomplish them.

Bill Payments

 It features recurring payments, scheduled payments, and electronic billing. This can save you a lot of time.

Inbuilt Video Conferencing

 The company’s most important business communications tool is LeoSquad’s video conferencing. Users can collaborate, solve problems and hold effective meetings in real-time with zoom Integration.

Goal Tracking

 Every organization needs to track its goal. It has a goal tracking feature that reminds you about the organizational goals that need to be met.

Smart Notification:

This feature notifies you about the task for the day.

Project Management

It helps to organize and keep track of your project.


Less paperwork

Smart Communication

 It allows you to handle multiple projects.

HR Management

It allows you to monitor participation, occasions and leaves through the HR framework.

Introductory Offer

Leosquad is offering a 20% discount for the first 100 customers. Grab the offer for conveniently working from home.


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