Nowadays, in the online market customers prefer talking to their dealers face to face rather than using social medias or E-mail. It is no surprise that a third of the customers expect live chats during transactions.

Proper conversations :

The growing demand of the customers are now influenced by real time person to person video conversations and therefore, about 77% of the general population prefer dealing with real people before purchasing any item online. In-fact about 55% of consumers are likely to abandon  their purchase because their queries were not answered fast enough.
Agent efficiency increases tremendously with live chat :
These days, with the help of triggers an agent can create shortcuts or personalized message on repeat for the customers on  specific product.
Agents also have the capability to converse with multiple clients at once and surprisingly the result are more efficient with positive conclusions compared to one call at a time. Agents can engage as many as six live chats simultaneously considering the circumstances they are put in .
Internal support for your support team :
Now that live chats are generalized, agents can discuss issues with other agents resolving in a much more efficient results. You can also create triggers that will re- route the users calls to a particular products designated agent saving up valuable time of the customer as well as the firms.
Get to know your customers a little bit better : 
Live chats provide crucial data about the customers behavior, location and device so that dealing with their needs can be more sufficient . Live chats also offers consumers and dealers/agents to communicate on a more personal level,so, getting feedback’s and improving the quality of customers service is that much more easier.Opens opportunities :
Every online establishment wants to shine out and therefore with the help of special triggers treating your repeated customers or the V.I.P customers is much easier and agents can make more relevant offers to their clients.