MasterCard Solutions In Nepal 

World leading companies that provide debit and credit through ATM transaction are MasterCard and VISA Card which are now available in Nepal through a company called ‘Gautam Company.’
Monetary transaction of Nepal is limited within Nepal and India only by Nepal Rastra Bank which is the central bank of the country. Therefore, a big problem arises as depositing and receiving money is possible just under local circumstances.
Types of services provided by Gautam Company :
The company ‘Gautam ‘ basically enables users to access financial transaction via an ATM all across the world. So you can receive or deposit money from any place around the world.
Although, rules and regulations are maintained by services providing companies like PayPal, Payoneer and so on to prevent security issues and illegal financial actions.
What is the process for A MasterCard approval:
Gautam Company is the MasterCard solution in Nepal, so, to attain one you need first to deposit money in their firm and from there it takes about 30-40 days to reach your designated mailing address. After getting the MasterCard, you need to do a start-up on E-banking to view accounts details. Further queries and operations regarding the monetary transaction will be guided by the Gautam company themselves.
How to make sure the card is legit :
This is usually the first thing that comes across the user’s mind. So, preparations will be done for the insurance of the user. The card will contain the user’s name, validity/expiry date engraved on it.
For further queries you can contact the number or visit the address below :
Address: Sankata, Te-bahal, New Road, Kathmandu
phone no: 01-4242911, 01-4233626, 9851125851
E-mail: ” [email protected]