Nepal Dairy Industry

April 16, 2020, Kathmandu

Lockdown has affected many sectors. Milk and dairy products also have been affected. Milk and dairy products of about Rs.2 billion have been damaged so far.

The Dairy Association Nepal stated that currently, dairy products of about Rs five billion are in stock because of the nationwide lockdown.

When the restaurants, hotels, dairy shops were shut down, dairy firms were also closed. No one bought milk and dairy products. The supply of milk and dairy products has reduced by 75 percent in the urban centers, said Pralhad Dahal, the general secretary of the Association.

A meeting held through a video conference with the chairs of the association chapters in seven provinces of the country today urged the government to adopt measures not to let the milk and dairy products go waste. The meeting also demanded the government to manage zero-interest loans, waive VAT and taxes in the dairy business, and for the farmers.

Dahal made a complaint that the government’s decision to exempt the house rent was not implemented in practice. He also urged the federal and state governments to include dairy products like ghee in relief packages to be provided by the government.


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