20th July 2020, Kathmandu

We all experienced the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19. While many businesses went down, we did anticipate a few new ventures to emerge. And here we have, Lozoom, a new ridesharing service in Nepal!

If you’re having a hard time pronouncing “Lozoom”, it means लु जुम. In Nepali, it means “let’s go”.

It’s a good question to question, ” Why a startup during the lockdown?” And the answer also lies within the problem! We’ve all noticed that Nepal is slowly lifting the lockdown but there are no public transports for people to travel to work. Moreover, due to coronavirus and its fear, people are reluctant to travel through public vehicles. Where does that leave those people who do not own a private vehicle?

And right there is our answer – Lozoom or Luzoom! A ride-sharing service that is just the need of the hour! But we have popular ridesharing services already. We have Tootle, Pathao, and Sarathi. What makes Luzoom any different? Check this interesting video it came up with. It has a sweet explanation of why they are different!

Lozoom: Features for Users

  1. Online and Offline Services: We all know how the online service works, don’t we? All you need to do is download the app from the play store, register and you’re ready to Lozoom! The other interesting part is you don’t need a fancy smartphone or internet connection to book a ride. You can call in their offline numbers, and they will pick you up. Just as easy as that! If you want to try the offline method, here are the numbers 980-2323233, 980-2323234, 980-2323235, 980-2323236.
  2. Ride Safety: Safety matters and Lozoom knows it better. They are providing accidental treatment facilities in case you face any sort of accident while using their services.
  3. Gender Preference: This new ridesharing service is providing the facility for female users to choose the gender of their rider. A nice gesture for the safety of our female users!
  4. Complimentary Rides: This feature sounds too good to be true. They are providing free rides for every early 5% user every month for 5 years! Go ahead, read that again!

Now those are some wonderful ridesharing features for users. Below you’ll be reading some amazing features for riders as well!

Lozoom: Features for Riders

  1. Child Care: How these feature works are that each month, Lozoom selects one rider among the top riders. Lozoom then pays that month’s monthly education fee of that selected top rider! Is this not wonderful gratitude?
  2. Holiday Destination: What if you’re not married and you are the top rider? Option 2 comes to play for you! Lozoom sends you off on a holiday trip. Even better, they will do the annoying booking processes. All you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy the ride!
  3. Mobile and Fuel Reimbursement: Imagine being a rider. Imagine the distance you will travel and now imagine the fuel it will eat. But, Luzoom wants to take care of that too, of their riders! They will reimburse these expenses of their riders so the riders can earn more and save more!

Ridesharing Service

Does this make you want to experience the Luzoom ride? We think you should give it a try.

Perhaps, it is a better way to travel?

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