Apple Computers have known to be safe for a long time. That’s the reason why they are mostly used. However, the researcher has found out that the flaws in them can lets hackers easily into the system. The most dangerous part is you won’t even know if your mac is being directed by others or neither your information would be safe. Macs have some bugs in them that let hackers be undetected and work their way inside the machine.

A hacker could even force your system to a coma from a very far distance. Personal, corporate government Macs could be specified easily in such a way that even the best security would also not be able to find them until its too late. Imagine you would be working on your mac with full confidence on its security on someone is spying in your data. It’s scary right.

The reason this makes it so sad is that its a Computer bug that runs deep inside the machine. All Computer posses a System that makes them come into life. It’s an essential part which is not to be tampered with. However, Macs leave the door open for hackers after one or two years of purchase. When a Mac wakes up from the sleep, it directly gives access to the BIOS which lets hackers to change the code and tamper with the whole System.

It was discovered recently by Pedro Vilaça, a curious, independent Computer security researcher in Portugal. And soon after he found about that, he reported the problem to the Apple. It is a big security issue of which the company was also not aware of.  This is scary,” said Sarah Edwards, a forensic analyst at the SANS Institute who specializes in reviewing Computers for evidence of hacks. He revealed this vulnerability publicly in a blog post last Friday.

Macs have been believed to be the most secure until this time. However, the vulnerability has also been observed in it. It’s true that every system has some bugs but its the latest question about how is Apple going to handle this issue. It also aware other users of Macs to be on the safe side.