Segmenting Search Intent

Nowadays people searching for content look for interesting stuff that is aesthetically pleasing and has an ample amount of information. These creative websites are then usually well- ranked in search engines. Regardless, the most crucial thing in a site is valuable content as time and time again in the world of SEO ” content is king.” This phrase has been repeated so many times that it’s starting to sound a bit cliché. Therefore, contents may come in different types and taste so that a user can view them to their heart’s content.

I) Transaction Searching : 

This searching deals with business or sites that buy and sell products online. Although the word transnational refers to the exchange of credit it doesn’t necessarily need to indulge in cash to cash or card transfer, instead it could also be actions such as signing up for different firms, creating E-mail account or in this ease any statement or even finding the best cuisine for Nepali food around your area.

II) Non-Transnational data Search :

These searches include collecting information and data from a specific URL or finding a particular website. These searches often involve a lot of queries so simple things like checking for the temperature around your locality or getting directions to anywhere or even learning about a specific question you heard in your college lectures, can fall under this category.
So, all in all, out of these options choosing the best content and information, or indulging in high-quality graphical materials such as videos pictures and so on will be the task left in the hands of the user.