Messenger Rooms Now Available On Instagram With Support For Up To 50 People

Messenger Rooms Now On Instagram With Support For Up To 50 People

May 24, 2020, Kathmandu

At times when the world is connected only by the internet, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms, a brand new way to stay connected with your dear ones.

Here are a few things you should know about Messenger Rooms:

What are Messenger Rooms?

Messenger Rooms are like your video conference calls, without the formality of course.

This is Facebook’s take on video conferencing after careful evaluation of popular apps Zoom and Houseparty. The good news with Messenger Rooms is that you can make a conference call with up to 50 people and there is no time limit. Is that not wonderful?

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One Big Community

A notification will pop up on your friends’ and followers’ home page once you set up a new Messenger Room. And with this notification, your friends can jump on in and join the call with you. Just like that!

Hold on just there people, we’ve got more.

There’s an option for you to invite your Instagram followers and Whatsapp contacts as well. Now is that not a whole new level of cross platforming? This should feel like your favorite MCU characters crossing over in movies, right?

invite your Instagram followers

Your Private Circle

When you create a messenger room, you have full control of who you want to add and who you want to remove. You can also make the room private or public. To add to your personal space, you can also stop people from seeing or entering the room. Now when did the world get so generous we wonder?

Filter Upgrade

We’re so having fun with the Facebook Messenger filters and now they got even better. You can choose a virtual background and cover the actual background during a video call. No more cleaning up your space, don’t you think?

Not to mention, there is a mood lighting feature that will make you look good on camera- oh, the things we do to look!

Facebook Dating

Facebook Alert! Now all you lonely people, Facebook understands that you cannot go outside and be social and date but you can now do a virtual date. Yep, virtual dates just got real!

You can invite people to a virtual date and when they accept, you will start having a video chat to get to know each other.

If this is Facebook’s way of competing, ZOOM’s got a real competition out there now.


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