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2nd October 2021, Kathmandu

Bank Of Kathmandu- Mobile Banking Users To Get 10% Discount On SRL Diagnostic

Mobile banking users of the Bank of Kathmandu will be provided with a 10 percent discount on SRL Diagnostic!

An agreement has been reached between Bank of Kathmandu Limited and SRL Diagnostic (Nepal) Pvt. to provide up to 10 percent discount to the customers of the bank by scanning the QR code from the bank’s debit card, credit card, and mobile banking.

Following the agreement, customers will be able to avail of up to a 10 percent discount on the actual cost of using pathology-related health services provided by SRL Diagnostic (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. using bank cards and mobile banking.

SRL Diagnostic (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. has been providing services from Maharajganj in Kathmandu Valley. Bank of Kathmandu Limited has been providing banking facilities to its customers from 90 branch offices, 81 ATMs, and 10 extension counters.

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