Ncell Voice Packs

25th May 2021, Kathmandu

Ncell Axiata has launched a new version of its website with added attractive features which allow customers to buy voice, data packs, recharge online easily, and do many other customer activities digitally. The new website is lighter, faster, and works as a web app installed on a smartphone without taking any space.

The new website is a part of the company’s digital initiatives aimed at the digital transformation of its customer journey. Under this initiative, Ncell has already launched an updated version of the self-care Ncell App fully equipped with exciting features. This addition of an upgraded website will add another touchpoint for the customer journey.

From the new website, customers can also get digital exclusive offers with up to 100% more volume on purchase of packs from the website while staying home during this trying time of the COVID pandemic.

For example, customers can take benefit from bonus data ranging from 150 MB to 2 GB while buying 1-day (Rs. 18), 7-day (Rs. 98), 14-day (Rs. 139) packs, and 0.5 GB to 0.75 GB more bonus data in Triple Majja’s 7-day (Rs. 109), 10-day (Rs. 147) and 30-day (Rs. 459) packs. Similarly, customers get double data on selected packs and three times more daytime data with Always-on Data Pack while buying from digital platforms, including websites.

Ncell believes that these offers and features will help customers remain connected with friends and families while staying at home. More features will be added in the coming days. The website will also be launched in the Nepali version soon to cater to all customers.

That is not all; under the ongoing #OnlineKoKhushi campaign, customers can benefit from various offers being provided exclusively for customers while buying services on digital platforms, including websites. The offers aim to make the digital and online engagement of customers convenient for activities including work from home and online classes, among others.


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