Internet Disturbs in Nepal

4th October 2021, Kathmandu

The Telecommunication Authority of Nepal (TAN), has drawn attention to the incident of internet wires being cut and asked to take action against those who were involved in it.

Last Saturday, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) cut wires of places like; Bharatpur, Butwal, Dhading, Taplegunj, and few places of Kathmandu as well which led to disturbances in the internet connection network.

NEA started cutting internet wires stating that it has not paid the increased rate of the utility pole where the wires are connected.

Telecommunication has published a notice stating the problems and interruptions created after cutting down optical fibers in various places of the country.

“The optical fiber was cut unintentionally while the Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal and the Electricity Authority were trying to resolve the dispute between the Ministry of Communications, the Electricity and the Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal regarding the hike in fare of the pole,” the authority said.

According to NEA, this has hampered very important events and services of the nation.

According to the Telecommunications Act, 2053 BS, the NEA has said in its notice that blocking such service will lead to punishment.

TAN stated every problem can be solved by a proper discussion only so they requested to have a meeting with NEA and Internet Service Provider of Nepal.


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