Nepal Online School

28th July 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Online School, developed by Nabin, where 70,000 students study for free daily. Mr. Bhattarai has created a team of like-minded individuals to provide free quality education consisting of highly motivated engineers, teaching and learning expertise, IT experts, doctors, and Chartered Accountants working their best.

With this aim, in 2017, 30-year-old Nabin opened Nepal Online School, providing free education to all Nepali students. He opened a non-profit organization that has enabled millions of students to take online classes for free today.

They created more than 30000 video content on various subjects for the all-around development of the student. Also, various notes and homework sessions are being conducted in various programs.

About the online school

Nepal Online School (NOS) is motivated with the aim of imparting Quality Education to every interested student who doesn’t have access to appropriate materials to pursue their study.

Several factors such as geographical inaccessibility, political unrest, lack of proper guide/teacher, and lack of proper monitoring and supervision of schools and teachers, and unnatural causes (for present COVID-19) are some of the main challenges that need to be addressed to make quality education a reality, especially in the rural areas of Nepal.

NOS is striving diligently to provide students with proper learning materials and detailed video lectures on every possible topic to facilitate learning for students who otherwise don’t have access to such information.

Mr. Nabin Bhattarai, the founder and mentor of NOS, started this initiative with money raised through boot camps he conducted on cybersecurity and network engineering.

While running the boot camps, he found that students struggled to understand the content because of a lack of a solid foundation in Physics and Mathematics.

This made him think about tackling this issue of filling in the gaps that the current education trend generally stays with. How could students be shown that value is not only in the certificates they acquire, but it stays with the quality of education they achieve? He realized that a platform where students can revisit some of those concepts will be useful and started the Nepal Online School.

Now it has expanded to accommodate different topics from Grade 1 to the Masters level. The intention of Nepal Online School is quality education with practical knowledge.

Similarly, we believe that a strong and joyful mind is a prerequisite for learning. Yoga and meditation camp, in addition to academic learning, will benefit the mental and physical development of students, and this approach will surely show students their capabilities, due requirements, and future course of action.

Vision and Mission of Nepal Online School:

  1. Bring like-minded people together in creating videos on every possible topic from kindergarten to Master’s level in Nepali language and create a YouTube channel.
  2. Helping the physically disabled people who have special needs for learning through various audio series and video lectures. (We see that these contents have been most helpful to these communities because of several physical obstacles and the mental attitude of society towards them on joining an academic institution. They have repeatedly called us, helping us develop ingenious content for them.)
  3. Conducting various skill-oriented activities like computer hardware and software training, soft skill training, yoga, and meditation classes in every part of the country.
  4. Conducting various motivation and awareness programs related to psychology and physiology so students from any age group can better deal with their health issues and pressure they get from their work.
  5. Helping the dropout students so they can learn a skill and use that skill in their own country. The skills can be computer skills, agriculture-based skills, art skills, and so on.
  6. As the present age is of Technology and it has been an essential skill for everyone, we have started NEPALESE IT STUDY COMMUNITY where every student can gain knowledge on professional skills required to enter into IT Infosec or corporate sectors.

Youtube Channel

70,000 students are reading daily from Nepal Online School’s YouTube channel. He expects students’ numbers to increase to 100,000 in the next few months. Not only recorded from Nepal Online School’s YouTube channel but also lived classes are conducted.

It consists of Computer Basic, Public Service Preparation Class, BBA, BBS, BIM, English Language, Hebrew Language, Engineer, Nursing, Entrance Exam Preparation Class.

Various skills-based knowledge like art, computer skills being conducted like Basic Computer Skill for Everyone, Computer Day to Day Tips and Tricks, Basic Computer Hardware Course as well as other professional courses like Windows 10 Professional Course, CompTIA IT Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking Course, Computer Networking Course, CCNA, Microsoft Office Package Course, Java Complete Course, CCNA, CompTIA A+ & N+.

In addition, for students whose syllabus has totally been guided in Nepali medium providing them quality video lectures and making them able to conversate in lucid English, so language doesn’t become a barrier for them in their future endeavors.

Created more than 30000 high-quality content where 21000 video content on various subjects for the all-around development of the student has been published. Also, various notes and homework sessions are being conducted in various programs. We have subjects of every class with a well-managed playlist including proper video lectures and solution to exercise, TU Solutions. Similarly, we are available 24/7 to help students with any problem or difficulty which may arise. These include:

 PRIMARY LEVEL COURSE of Class 1 – Class 5

 Middle-Level Course (Class 6 – Class 8)

 Secondary Level Course (Class 9 – Class 10)

 Higher Secondary Course (Class 11- Class 12)

 BBS All Year All Subject Courses


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