Nepal Open University Central Office

3rd November 2022, Kathmandu

Nepal Open University has started conducting exams against the rules by violating its regulations regarding the examination, the decisions, and instructions of the academic council, and the program guidelines.

The academic council of the university made a guideline to conduct virtual exams only in the case of covid and other epidemics.

Contrary to the guidelines passed by the university itself, the ‘virtual’ examination started on Wednesday. The professors have expressed their dissatisfaction saying that when the virtual exam is conducted even when there is no pandemic, it will affect the credibility, quality, and recognition of the exam.

Experts say that conducting virtual exams even if there is no pandemic will damage the credibility of the university.

The undergraduate, postgraduate, and MPhil examinations for the humanities faculty started on Wednesday. Students of all three levels have given the first-day exam through a virtual medium. The university had earlier conducted the examination of science and management faculty in the same way.

The examination guidelines have a clear provision that 60 percent of the paper should be given by students in physical presence. Breaching the laws, the university has examined improperly.


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