nepal telecom 4g users

22nd May 2022, Kathmandu

The number of 4G service users on Nepal Telecom has surpassed 10 million. According to the statistics for the month of Chaitra, 2078, 4G’s customer base has reached 10,421,976.

94.82 million 580 3G users were served by the company throughout this period. The company’s mobile service users are 22 million 91 thousand 785 in total. The remaining 21 lakh 87 thousand 229 people use 2G technology.

In the previous month, Falgun 2078, there were 9 million 893 thousand and 874 4G users and 9 million 943 thousand and 729 3G users.

Nepal Telecom introduced the 4G / LTE service from Kathmandu and Pokhara for the first time in Nepal in the year 2073 BS by upgrading it to the latest technology beginning in 2076 Asoj 15.

You must have a compatible mobile phone set as well as a SIM card to use the 4G service. And it must be in a location where the 4G network is accessible. By calling * 444 # from your mobile phone, you can determine if the SIM card has to be replaced or not by utilizing the 4G service as instructed, and the service can also be engaged by activating 4G.

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