Nepal Telecom FTTH

21 July 2021, Kathmandu

Get free CPE, up to 100 meters of free Drop Fiber, and 300MB of free data daily for one year on your customer’s mobile when you connect to an annual FTTH internet service of 20mbps or more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nepal Telecom’s FTTH- “Double Mazza Offer”:

How much does it cost to get FTTH 20mbps Unlimited Internet for one year under FTTH-Double Mazza Offer, and what are the additional benefits?

Currently, by connecting a new FTTH line and getting a 20mbps Unlimited Internet package for one year, a total of Rs. 13000 is charged. Customers availing of this package will get Above Rs. 13,000 can be availed free of cost.

Is the FTTH-Double Mazza Offer only for the customer who gets 20mbps Unlimited Internet, or does the customer who has another speed internet also get this facility?

FTTH- Double Mazza Offer is available to all customers who take 20mbps of FTTH service as well as a one-year internet package of 25mbps, 50mbps, and 60mbps.

How much does it cost to connect to FTTH internet at speeds above 20mbps? And will the customer who gets the package of higher speed get more convenience or not?

Under the FTTH-Double Mazza Offer, new customers availing any package of FTTH service at speeds of 20mbps and above will get Rs. Above Rs. 13,000 is provided free of cost. Details of all packages available in FTTH service and its pricing can be obtained from Nepal Telecom’s website

I am already using the FTTH internet service of Nepal Telecom. My FTTH package is coming to an end this month. Is this FTTH-Double Mazza Offer available to me when I renew my package?

Customers who are already availing 20Mbps or more FTTH internet service of Nepal Telecom can get 300MB of daily data facility on their mobile under FTTH-Double Mazza Offer by renewing the package for one year month of Ashar 2078. You can get a data facility.

What happens to the rest of the package when it is renewed in advance?

When the old package is renewed without expiration, it can be renewed for one year by deducting the amount due for the duration of the previous package and adding only the remaining amount. For example, a 20mbps internet package costs Rs. 12,500 and the previous package has 6 months left, and if it is renewed for one year six months in advance, it is enough to pay only Rs. 6,250.

I did not provide the customer’s contact number when connecting to FTTH internet. What do I need to do to get free data?

If you have not provided the customer contact number before or the number provided is incorrect while connecting to FTTH internet, you can correct the contact number by submitting a written request to the nearest telecommunication office. You can activate the 300MB free data facility daily per the instructions received by dialing *1416 # from the corrected mobile number.

How to find out how much of the available daily data has been used and how much data is left?

The rest of the data details can be found by dialing *1415*55# from Nepal Telecom’s APP and your mobile.

Is it possible to use free data after the Main Balance or Validity Period of the mobile that receives free data daily?

To run free data, at least Rs. 1 It is necessary to have both balance and validity periods; otherwise, free data cannot be used.

Is daily data available on mobile even if FTTH internet service is down for some reason?

Daily data is available on the mobile even when FTTH is not running due to any maintenance. Still, the free daily data facility provided on the mobile is also turned off when the internet package expires or the customer loses the internet line permanently.

Where can I contact if I have any problems with this offer or need more information?

If there is any problem regarding this offer or if more information is required, you can contact the nearest Nepal Telecom office or the customer service center at phone number 1498.


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