Service of Nepal Telecom

17th April 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom has been planning to extend its GSM service that includes the area surrounding Karadi Bazaar in the Syangja district.

This service which has been extended to cover Karadi Bazaar and surrounding areas would directly benefit 98 households in the market. And also thousands of passengers traveling on the Siddhartha Highway.

According to Ravi Manandhar, the head of Nepal Telecom’s Pokhara office, GSM service has been expanded in Karadi Bazaar through Sector Expansion. In order to solve the challenges of overcrowding in such centers and deprivation of Nepal Telecom’s services.

Currently, wireless service is currently provided through GSM technology in that area.

But in near future, high-speed fiber internet service will be provided to this place.


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