NTC Toll-Free Phone

16th August 2020, Kathmandu

In today’s service-oriented industry, it’s absolutely essential to consider the customer’s satisfaction. Be it answering simple queries to offering important phone-based conversations, a company needs to do it all. Considering the same need in Nepal, Nepal Telecom’s Toll-Free Phone Service is also in demand. So, let’s know everything about Nepal Telecom Toll-Free Phone below.

Before we begin, let’s know what toll-free phone means.

What is a toll-free phone?

A toll-free phone is a  telephone service in which the caller doesn’t have to pay any fee, rather the receiving end must pay the incurring fee.

Toll-free numbers are basically used by big corporations, government offices, and many customer-centered service industries.  The main purpose of using toll-free phones is to ensure better communication between the customers and the company. This ensures customer trust and loyalty in the long run.

Let’s talk about the Toll-Free Phone Service of Nepal Telecom!

Features of toll-free phones:

  • Reverse Charging i.e. calling party doesn’t have to pay; the receiving [arty has to pay the incurring fee
  • A unique AFS number format
  • A welcome message
  • Flexible routing
  • Can handle 10 simultaneous calls by single AFS number

Documents required to subscribe to toll-free phone:

  • Fill up a form to subscribe to the toll-free phone
  • For private organizations, PAN and office registration letter
  • A request letter to NTC for toll-free phone service

AFS Tariff Rate:

Registration Charge Nrs. 1000
Security Deposit Additional Rs. 15000 for STD
The minimum period of hire/service 1 month
Rental Charge Rs. 1000 per month ( 00 minutes free call)
Contact Office Any Nepal Telecom Branch


You can visit the website of Nepal Telecom by clicking here.

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