4G Subscribers Nepal

6 Janaury 2021

The number of Nepal Telecom’s 4G and FTTH subscribers has increased by double digits

Nepal Telecom’s 4G service and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) have attracted many users. The number of customers using Telecom’s 4G and FTTH services has increased by double digits in a month. With the aggressive expansion of services by Nepal Telecom, the number of users of 4G and FTTH has increased.

According to the MIS (Management Information System) report released by the Nepal Telecom Authority in Kartik, the number of 4G and FTTH users has increased. Telecom’s FTTH users were 291,399 in Asoj and 322,602 in Kartik. Telecom’s FTTH users have increased by 31,203 in a month. This is an increase of 10.70 percent.

 Telecom’s 4G users have reached 2 million 49 thousand 916 in Kartik. In Asoj, there were 1.84 million 4G users. The number of customers has increased by 29,453 in one month. Telecom’s 4G service has increased by 11.38 percent. Similarly, the number of 3G users of the telco has reached 84 lakh 32 thousand 654 by October. Ncell’s 4G users are 4,082,517 and Smart’s is 1,099,761.


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