Hacking Incidents In Nepal

22 April Kathmandu, 2020

Considering the recent cyber hack attempts, Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCert) and Center For Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI) are organizing Ethical Hacker’s Meetup Jointly on 24th April 2020. The event will be supported by CryptoGen Nepal, One Cover, and Cynical Technology. The event will be organized from 4 PM to 5 PM on Friday.

Due to the Lockdown and coronavirus concerns, the meeting will be organized virtually. However, the platform is still to be decided.

Pramod Parajuli, Ph.D. will be speaking on the event. Similarly, Ridesh Rai, Nirmal Dahal #Nittam, Alex Dhital, and Prakash Prajapati will act as the presenters. The event is set to be moderated by Suresh Bhandari.

Topics of Discussion:

The presenters and speaker will be discussing the following topics.

  1. Methods of data breaches
  2. Protection Methods
  3. Insights on what suffered organizations could do after the breach
  4. Insights on what an individual need to do after the breach
  5. Role of ethical hackers in organizations

Event Hosts:

The event will be hosted by around a dozen hosts. Here we present the list of hosts.

  1. npCert
  2. CSRI
  3. One Cover Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Cryptogen Nepal
  5. Cynical Technology

According to the event page of the meeting, Meeting Details will be available on or after 3:30 PM on the meeting date.

About Organizers

Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCert) is an organization actively working for the cybersecurity in Nepal. It is actively promoting security awareness across industry, academia & public sector.

The Center for Cyber Security and Research Innovation (CSRI) was established as part of the cybersecurity domain Research Program. It is also actively working for the cybersecurity in Nepal.

One Cover Pvt. Ltd. is a private organization providing dependable security services. It has worked for various government and non-government organizations for their security.

CryptoGen Nepal consists of the professional team members who are devoted to providing professional-grade cybersecurity solutions such as IS audit, VAPT, End-Point Threat Analysis, Forensics & Malware Analysis, Incident Response, Server Assessment, and Hardening. It has been providing such services since our establishment in Nepal and even helped a number of organizations globally.

Cynical Technology is a Kathmandu-based cyber-security startup company with skillful expertise in security consulting, auditing, testing, and compliance that focuses on solving issues of concern to management in regards to cybersecurity.

ICT Frame is the event manager of the Meetup. It is the first women lead online magazine in Nepal. The chief-editor of ICT Frame, Mina Aryal completed a Master of Business Studies from Tribhuvan University in 2011. After taking various ICT training, she finally thought to contribute to the sector and started the online magazine in 2014. It is providing ICT related news in two languages; Nepali and English since then.

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