Principal Of Samariddhi School Naresh Prasad Shrestha

22 April Kathmandu, 2020

The education sector is one of the most affected since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the lockdown in Nepal. Schools and colleges are shut down hindering further studies and examinations.

Due to this uncertainty of lockdown and growing risks of the pandemic, Samriddhi School has decided to start regular online classes and academic activities from Friday (April 24, 2020). The school is implementing some decisions for their new academic session that involves online platforms to conduct regular online classes.

Samriddhi School Admission Notice

Notice from the School’s website

Points from the school’s notice:

  • Samriddhi school has decided to promote all its students from Play Group to Grade 9 to the next level for the 2077 session.
  • The school is starting regular online classes and academic activities from Friday (Baisakh 12, 2077) for Nursery to Grade 10 students.
  • The teaching faculty is prepared for online academic sessions and the parents will receive class routines and further information through the mail. Preferably a laptop or desktop PC with a camera and mic should be used for the online classes but in case of unavailability, smartphones can be used.
  • New admissions are ongoing and interested parents can fill up online admission forms by visiting the school’s website.

The Principal and teaching faculty have expressed immense pleasure to announce online classes. Furthermore, they expect support and cooperation from the students and parents.

Interview with Naresh P. Shrestha – CEO/Principal, Samriddhi School

Q. How did the decision of starting online classes come into action?

A: We had been discussing the possibility of remote classes for a long time. We have already trained the teaching faculty and collected the survey of parents regarding online classes. So, based on the availability of our resources and preferences of parents, we made this decision.

Q. What platforms are you planning to use for conducting online classes?

A: Initially, we are going to use the Zoom video conferencing platform. We are also using Google Class to share study materials, homework, research work, and other assignments. However, we are in the process of acquiring our own learning system. The learning system will have all the tools that facilitate homework assigning, notice management, and running online classes. This AI-based system will allow progress tracking as well. In fact, it is currently in development at Fusemachines and we are expecting it to arrive in a month.

Interview with Naresh P. Shrestha
Interview with Naresh P. Shrestha

Q. How are you accepting admissions for the new academic session?

A: Actually we were planning for an online admission procedure before the lockdown. Since the lockdown, it has become a necessity to plan for a new academic session due to the uncertainty of school reopening. That’s why we are accepting new admissions through an online application form that parents can find on our website.

Q. What are the future prospects of running online classes after the lockdown?

A: We will definitely continue our online academic activities even after the lockdown is lifted. Maybe we will discontinue remote classes but we will make sure to implement other activities through technology. For example, we will be discontinuing homework diaries for students. The system that we will be using will have all the features from homework assignments to progress tracking and other activities. So, we are planning for the long-term use of technology in our school and will be using platforms like Google Class.

Q. What are the challenges of regular online classes that you are currently facing?

A: Some students who are outside Kathmandu valley and at a low network coverage areas, may face difficulties in participating in regular online classes. However, we have the facility to share resources through Viber, mail, and help them connect through smartphones. Our target remains to achieve 100% attendance from students and we will make sure to support students who don’t have easy access to online platforms.

Final Thoughts

The crisis in hand has become an opportunity for online platforms to step up and change the game. The education sector is in need of much help and support to make sure students are not deprived of basic education. With uncertainty in the reopening of schools and colleges, it is important to consider online alternatives to sustain the institutes. At the same time, these institutes have a responsibility towards the learning and growth of students.

Do you have any suggestions regarding the conduction of online classes in schools? Let us know in the comments!

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