21st October 2022, Kathmandu

4 Nepali students in USA: Bobby Basnet, Masters student at Clark University Aniket Pandey and Sarthak Chand undergrads at Clark University, and Aarogya Rijal undergrad student at WPI. The project, Smart Park, is a digit portal to find and book free parking space and the option to pay with crypto currencies too.


The application monitors the live camera feed of the parking lot and with computer vision determines the available free parking spots.

This data is then transferred to our server and reflected in our website table and 2D maps. These 2D maps are also creatable within the application. Payments could be made by both regular cards and Pi Network crypto currencies. We used Computer Vision, Python, Django, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Konva.js, Google Firebase and Google Cloud technology stack.

There were over 500 participants and 125 projects submitted. There were 20 awards, our team won one of them: Best Use of Google Cloud”.

This title was judged and awarded by Google Cloud.

The team says “We had 4 hours sleep on the first day and no sleep at all the second day but proud of what we were able to build during these 36 hours.”


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