Non-Life Insurance Companies

6th September 2022, Kathmandu

Non-life insurance companies collect premiums worth Rs. 4 billion in the first month of the current fiscal year

The non-life insurance companies are collecting as much as premium compared to last year with an increase of almost 50%.

The non-life insurance companies have collected a total insurance premium of Rs nearly Rs 4 billion in the first month of the current FY.

The data published by Insurance Board shows that 19 non-life insurance companies earned a total of 4.47 billion in insurance premiums in the month of Shrawan.

The collection increased by 49.68 percent compared to Rs 2.99 billion in the corresponding period of the last FY.

Out of them, Rastriya Beema Company recorded the highest premium collection of Rs 842.8 million which is 18.83 percent of the total premium collected.

Shikhar Insurance comes second with Rs 355.2 million in the premium collection followed by Himalayan Everest Insurance with Rs 331.9 million and Siddhartha Insurance with Rs 326.2 million in the premium collection.

Meanwhile, Prabhu Insurance recorded the lowest collection of Rs 103.4 million.

Moreover, Premium Insurance recorded the highest growth in premium collection. It increased its premium collection by 962.54 percent to Rs 212.5 million compared to Rs 20 million during the review period of last FY.


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