World’s Half Population To Be Online

A report suggests that half of the people of the world will be able to reach out to internet. International Telecommunication union (ITU) working under United nations have shown that the half of the people in the world will be using internet till the end of 2015.

A research by ITU says that 3.2 billion of 7.2 billion people of the world will be online till the end of this year. The 2 billion people among those people will be from developing nations. ITU also says that 89 million people among them will be from the under developed countries like Nepal and Somalia.

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The total population of under developed countries is 0.94 billion. According to the reports from UN, the mobile internet users till the end of this year will be 7 billion. 78% of people in America and Europe use broadband internet and 69% of area have 3G internet coverage. But in the rural areas coverage of mobile internet is only 29%.

Depending on the distribution of mobile internet, Africa is really backward and only 17.4 % of people use it. Till the end of this year, 80% of developed nations and 34% of developing nation will have the facility of internet reached as the report suggests. As the internet users during 2000 was just 0.4 billion and within 15 years there came a huge revolution in the Field of Information technology says the Director of International Telecommunication development bureau, Mr Brahima Sanou .

He also says that the world is moving with pace towards the Digital community and IT will play an important role for reaching out the aim of long term development.