24th August 2020, Kathmandu

Onlinekaam is a youth founded tech startup based in Nepal that has been started with a prime focus to encourage digital employment amid and post-pandemic.

The platform is entirely based on the idea to offer work from home opportunities to freelancers, differently-abled people, and more. Not only (URL) empower employment creation but it also focuses on employment distribution.

How OnlineKaam Started

The Founder and CEO of OnlineKaam Bikash Pokharel came up with a revolutionary idea back in 2018. This idea turned into a startup when a group of investors invested with seed capital to develop a website. Likewise, a physical support office has been set up at Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Background of the Founder

Bikash Pokharel completed his formal education in computer science and has a keen interest in tech from a young age. He went on to work in tech companies, initially as a marketer but soon leveled up his skills in digital marketing.

Bikash also helped match the fund for the reconstruction of schools destroyed by the earthquake back in 2015-2017.

Bikash Pokharel
Bikash Pokharel receiving gratitude for his support towards Annapurna Ma.Vi. Khari, Dhading

As he was working as a freelancer and learning to code, he came up with an idea. Bikash started to explore the possibilities of an application that would connect businesses with talents from across the country.

This was a completely fresh idea in the Nepalese business market and he immediately purchased the domain

How it Works

This platform is for people who are unable to find the right job opportunities. Also, it supports freelancers who are not used to (or don’t prefer to) work a 9-5 job.

“Onlinekaam initially trains & onboards professionals, students, youth, disabled, and those who are financially suffering”, said Bikash. “The objective is to help them match with suitable remote job opportunities and pay them by transferring funds to their digital wallets/bank accounts directly.”

He added, “we also save the unnecessary usages of resources in the client’s end.”

Future Plans for OnlineKaam

Plans Of OnlineKaam

The team is currently working remotely due to the lockdown in Kathmandu but their focus is to build a robust web application. The primary focus, for now, will be to build stakeholders according to Bikash.

“I believe in building stakeholders rather than competitors. We will be proceeding with a semi-automated system in our web application. In fact, our plan is to build a portfolio and train talents that can actually solve the client’s problems”, said Bikash in an interview with ICT Frame.

He added, “We are here to take remote working opportunities in Nepal to the international level. That is only possible if we can deliver top-notch solutions and not simply provide short-term unreliable services.”

“The platform will help businesses hire skilled manpower that is capable of providing the required solution. This will also cut down the hiring cost and resources for completing a contract-based or short-term job.

So, we will be focusing on making corporates and businesses aware of such viable alternatives as well. Finally, we will start securing clients and automate our web application for better results.”


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