Prabhu Money Transfer Receives Threat On Twitter

Prabhu Money Transfer Receives A Threat Of Data Breach On Twitter

April 10, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

The wounds of recent cyberattacks on ‘Foodmandu‘ and ‘Vianet’ aren’t healed and Prabhu Money Transfer already received a threat on Twitter. A guy with twitter name ’SATAN’ with username @Cyber_hell_god has threatened the Prabhu Money Transfer today. He tweeted a tweet tagging @Prabhu_Nepal which is the official twitter handle of Prabhu Money Transfer.

In his tweet, he said that Prabhu Money Transfer’s banking and all other services lack security. He also said to have tried to aware them of the issue but they didn’t respond. He threatened by saying that Vianet Communications had faced a data breach and Prabhu Money Transfer could be the next. He threatened by saying if they don’t fix the loopholes, he’d show a little demo at 8 pm.

We’ve presented you with his words in the tweet.

How People React On Twitter:

Prabhu Money Transfer Data Breach

If he’s really causing the data breach of Prabhu Money Transfer or not, we’ll know after 8 pm.


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