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SQA Nepal

1st July 2021, Kathmandu

SQA helps to ensure that quality is incorporated into a software product, a key measure of project success.

This Training program is specially designed to provide the needed skill set for an Entry Level Software Quality Analyst in the Software Industry. The program focuses on understanding Software Quality, Process Engineering, Process Implementation, Quality Assurance Activities, QC Tools, Quality Standards, Models, and Frameworks.

One Cover Pvt. Ltd. is organizing this Entry Level Software Quality Assurance Testing Course.

What is Software Quality Assurance (SQA)?

In any software manufacturing organization, the quality assurance department is responsible for assuring that the software products are built as designed, according to an approved project and quality process.

It defines and measures the adequacy of the software process, providing evidence that establishes confidence to produce software products of suitable quality for their intended purposes.

SQA also a practice of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used in a project to ensure the proper quality of the software.

Who is a Quality Analyst?

A Quality Analyst (QA) is an individual responsible for testing, checking the software, and guaranteeing its quality.

A good QA ensures the working of the software, analyzing and validating it.

A quality analyst is responsible for applying principles and practices for the test cases and reports of the tested application throughout the software development life cycle.

Being an integral part of the I.T industry quality analyst is responsible for flawless and bug-free software outcome.

The Roles of a Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Document the test and automation process
  • Use the automation frameworks
  • Clarify requirements and specification
  • People coordination, communication
  • Plan and control test process
  • Continuous improvement of test
  • Set Quality Metrics
  • Employ Full Set of Testing
  • Tools selection and daily status report

Why is SQA training important in Nepal?

  • Develop core knowledge of tools and techniques related to the quality of a software product.
  • The increase in demand for software professionals and software applications in Nepal.
  • It helps to bridge the gap between professional practices and academic learning.
  • It helps to test the software and find the bugs that are in the application.
  • Enables oneself to create flawless and smooth running applications and software.

After completing the SQA training, you will be able to pursue some common job roles such as:

  • QA Analyst / Inspector
  • Product manager
  • DevOps
  • Customer Experience

What will you learn?

  • SDLC -Software Development Life Cycle, Agile Methodology, Waterfall method, Software SCRUM Team member and Roles
  • Different Types of Testing, software BUG, What is a Test Case, How to Create a Test Cases.
  • Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Cross Browser Testing, UAT -user Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, Exploratory testing, Volume vs. Load Testing, When should You Automate
  • Interview Questions-Preparing for your Interview
  • QA salary- How much Money do QA make
  • Make money testing websites
  • Interaction with the Variables, Comments, Data Types, Numbers, Castings, Strings, Booleans, Operators, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Function and Its Types, Conditional statements, and loops Working with various useful Modules, Exceptions and Error Handling, File Handling.
  • Selenium Automation, Introduction, Installation, Navigating, Locating elements, Waits, Web driver API, Writing Test Cases, practice with the real web application.

Target Audience

  • IT student
  • IT enthusiastic
  • Intermediate levels students
  • Interested in beginning a new career in SQA

For more information, visit  Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control and Testing | AltexSoft

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