MDMS Implemented in Nepal

11th October 2022, Kathmandu

The Government recently launched Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) to control the use of illegal mobile phones in Nepal. The smartphones brought from abroad have to be registered to come into use or they won’t work. Users can register their phones according to the prescribed process by NTA.

Nepali citizens who have entered Nepal from abroad have to fill out the application for mobile set operation at the authority using their email. The registration process can be started by visiting the online portal provided by the authority. The authority said that the application information will be given to the applicant in the email used.

When filling out the form, the first step is to fill in all the details of the mobile phone to be registered. The mobile’s IMEI number, brand, model, and whether the set is in use or not should be disclosed.

In the second step, it is said that the applicant has to enter the email they use and verify it through a One Time Password (OTP).

In the third step, the applicant has to fill in their details in the personal details section. The authority said that the applicant should keep the Nepali mobile number that will be used in the said mobile.

 It is said that the address mentioned in the passport should be kept and in the arrival details of entering Nepal, the applicant should provide the details from which country he returned to Nepal and when he returned.

If the applicant themselves will use the said mobile, they will have to select themselves in the mobile user details. If the user is someone else, their details should also be provided in the said section, the authority said.

In the final step, the applicant should confirm the details filled by them and submit the form by uploading a clear scan copy of the documents related to the application such as passport, immigration department’s stamp of entry into the country, bill of purchase of the mobile phone, etc. After the application is successful, the authority sends information to the applicant through email.

The authority will process the received applications and inform the applicant through e-mail about whether the application has been accepted or rejected.

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