Revolutionary Nepali #MyTask

25th May 2024, Kathmandu

Living a busy lifestyle often makes it difficult to balance personal, family, and professional responsibilities.

Traditionally, many people have relied on assistants and journals to keep track of their work. However, in the digital age, carrying a notepad and pen everywhere can be inconvenient.

Revolutionary Nepali Software #MyTask

Addressing this need, young innovators in Nepal have developed a new app called “My Task,” designed to help users organize appointments, meetings, daily activities, and other essential tasks efficiently.

Introducing “#MyTask”

“My Task,” which translates to “my work,” is a software application that allows users to record key appointments, meetings, and projects with detailed information, including date, time, and specifics of each task. This innovative app then displays tasks in an organized manner according to their schedule—today, tomorrow, within a week, within a month, and even further in advance.

Key Features

Advanced Notifications: The app sends reminders to the user’s mobile device about upcoming meetings, critical tasks, and deadlines via SMS.

Task Prioritization: Users can prioritize tasks that need immediate attention, track ongoing tasks, and monitor tasks until completion.

Flexible Scheduling: The app allows for easy rescheduling of tasks to later times or dates if necessary.

Secure Documentation: Decisions made during meetings can be securely saved for future reference. Users can also record personal memories and events.

Developer Insights

Engineer Anup Khanal, the executive chairman of Innovative Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. and the creator of “My Task,” explained the app’s origins and evolution. “This software is useful for leaders, businessmen, employees, doctors, engineers, journalists, etc. It functions as a helper for you,” Khanal stated. Initially designed to help staff at their workplace organize daily tasks, the app was enhanced with unique features based on user feedback, making it more functional for a broader audience.

Public Accessibility

To promote public awareness and allow users to test its functionality, the corporation has made “My Task” available for free for a week on its website.

“My Task” represents a significant advancement in how busy individuals can manage their schedules, offering a digital solution to a widespread problem. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it aims to become an indispensable tool for those striving to balance their multiple responsibilities efficiently.

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