Service of Nepal Telecom

26th November 2021, Kathmandu

Among the telecom service providers of Nepal, Nepal Telecom has increased its market share percentage in the third month of Fiscal Year 2078/79, while Smart Telecom and Ncell Axiata Limited have lost some.

According to the recently updated annual report of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority up to the end of Asoj of the Fiscal Year 2078/79, the market share of the three major telecom service providers operating in Nepal has fluctuated in comparison to the previous month.

According to the report, Nepal Telecom accounted for 53.81 percent of the overall market share till the end of Bhadra2078 BS and increased it to 54.06 percent in the one month to mid-October.

In this regard, Nepal Telecom has managed to increase its market share by 0.25 percent.

Similarly, Ncell Axiata, the largest private sector telecom service provider, lost some of its market share in Asoj.

As of the end of Bhadra, Ncell Axiata had a market share of 40.41 percent, but by mid-October, the figure had dropped to 40.19 percent.

Ncell Axiata seems to have lost 0.22 percent of its market share in a month.

According to the Nepal Telecom Authority report, Smart Telecom has also lost a few percent of its overall market share.

As of the end of Bhadra, the market presence of smart telecom was 5.78 percent, but by the end of Asoj, this figure had come down to 5.74 percent.

In terms of market share, Smart Telecom has declined by 0.04 percent in a month.

The presence of other service providers in the telecom sector has been 0.01 percent for a long time, and it has not changed even by the end of Asoj.


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