Nabil Digi Bank

26th November 2021, Kathmandu

A remittance agreement has been signed between Nabil Bank and South Korea’s Staremit Company.

The remittance agreement was signed by Anil Keshari Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Nabil Bank and Rudra Sharma, President / Chairman of Start, during a function held in Kathmandu.

According to Nabil Bank, Nepali migrant workers in South Korea can send and receive money safely in Nepal through more than 15,000 Nabil remittance agents around the country.

The transferred amount can be immediately deposited in any bank account, even through reputed wallet service providers of Nepal, the bank said.

The bank has also been providing extended services to its remittance/remittance customers, including special deposit savings account for remitters, smart digital banking services for domestic/foreign use, and special simple loan facilities.


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