It is not sure how blackberry will be competing with the market of smartphone. Since its downfall, we cannot even assure what form the blackberry’s business was going to take five years from now.
Will, the company, still be in the smartphones business, or will it have transitioned to a firm focused primarily on delivering enterprise services for other phones? It had also liked for its apps like blackberry messenger and its security. If it keeps up with the smartphone line ups, what are we going to expect from its mobile platform?
A rumor suggests that blackberry is going to change completely, i.e., they might consider the Android OS in their new lineup dropping the Blackberry 10 OS. It’s just the rumor that the new model will be powered with Android. However with its downfall before, it might come true as well as it has no option but to choose android.
If it chooses android than it will mark a beginning of a transition over to an Android-dominated lineup, sources are claiming that the Android powering device is a real possibility as the comparing is considering their options now.
It is supposed to be an attempt to convince other firms that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is a viable management system for Android handsets. Android is excellent software and chooses by many for its flexibility and additional features whereas blackberry has good hardware and some of its apps are amazing. Though its OS could have achieved that height, it would have taken a long time to convince people and blackberry hasn’t been much of choice to the people.
People even are confused about why they should be choosing blackberry when other tech giants are continuously working on making their products the best. The Blackberry handsets are not only expected to be running android but also may feature a hardware keyboard.
We may have even seen this Android-running BlackBerry already, with sources claiming that the hardware BlackBerry will use for this Android phone is the very same keyboard-equipped slider the company teased on-stage at MWC in early March. These rumors might be making people go crazy; however, we will soon know the truth may be in some months. The people’s reaction to the phone may decide where the blackberry business might be going.