Some of the responses given by one of the great businessmen of Nepal Mr. Arun Raj Sumargi to the questions Rabeena Ghimire asked are discussed below: Being a great Businessman what does business means to you?

Business is an enterprise or a firm and also organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers. But to my case, I will define business as a specific platform to express the innovative thought. And the generational platform as a culture of the Family practiced for many years, and he was also sure to be involved.

Do you have any of the good or bad experience and how did you handle with it?

Of course, to be engaged in a big platform like a business, was not a small thing to me especially for the teenage guy with no any support of the Father due to his expired when I was young. The situation then compelled me to think that life is full of good and bad experience and only depends upon us how we handle through it and move along. Some people appreciated me but some criticized me in both cases I took it as the beneficiary because some gave me motivation while some gave improvements in my life. The same thoughts of mine made me stand with my particular profile today and also will tomorrow.

You are involved in different business, what type of business you think is suitable for Nepal to develop it rapidly??

Being a businessman, I thought in the business point of view and as Nepal is rich in raw materials, Natural resources, Water resources and many other we need to work out with hydro business tourism business and similar business. It is going to develop Nepal rapidly, but the main reason that Nepal is unable to establish itself is that it is always working on the promotions of other’s products and supporting them.

It’s not appropriate to criticize their valuable assets and appreciating other unnecessary products. Not only the businessman but all Nepalese are responsible for the fact.

How has technology such as computer and internet impacted your business?

I always will be in a very shocking situation when I think back to how business was done a few decades ago. There was no email, the Internet, mobile marketing, telecommuting or smartphones. Now communications are instantaneous, vast amounts of information move through email and the Internet and powerful tools are in the hands of owners and employees. Innovations in technology had improved operations at not only mine but other companies, supermarkets, government offices e.t.c of all sizes and helped turn small local businesses into global businesses. Thus, without technology business is a dead body because it has not impacted but acted as a soul in a body to my company.

  If you told the technology is that much important and as you are a businessman, have you ever thought to increase technological environment in Nepal?

To increase the technological environment in Nepal, we are not only thinking but taking our thoughts in action; we are working on it.

There is our site “Ayodhya” in Apple’s apps which are recognized as the top 4 sites in the whole world. Nearly 200 Nepalese work on the site with not less than 100000 of salary per month. Not only that we are involved in different activities to increase the online business in Nepal being engaged with varying organizations like Oxford any some others intending to employ more than 50000 of the individuals in 5 years. The programmed is going to begin through different places of Nepal like Makawanpur, Lumbini e.t.c.  We are hoping for your support which will lead us to great success.

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