Memory has always been an issue to the people using smartphones nowadays. With the powerful devices they have, they also like to keep so many information and data that are videos, pictures and etc in their phones so that their memory is full in no time. Either you may have to carry a hard drive or flash dive to fulfill the needs of storing something really large.
Your smartphones used to only support 32 GB or 64 GB external card and so card that were available were in limited space as well. Every now and then technology needs to be evolved. Thus now you can see a revolution in every field of technology and it is also going to resolve the memory issue that many people are facing these days. We saw a huge memory containing chip of 512 GB earlier this month. Though it was really expensive. Second to that, the best option we knew of was the 200GB SanDisk card, announced back during MWC.And this one target to be a lot cheaper than the other one even if the space was good. The chip will be available in amazon for just $240 which is good price. However this also costing you more than a dollar for just a GB if we analyze and you can get several GB on the $25 costing 64 GB external memory card. with the increase in the memory the cards price is increasing at its best.
Like the 512 GB card has $1000 price tag. its hard to believe that these small chips costs so much. But its also true that such a small chip has been able to go upto the 512Gb of memory in such a short period. Even phones have not been sold out for such a huge memory space maybe. It’s also worth noting that this 200 GB card, even with what it costs, can end up being a lot more affordable than paying the manufacturer premium for a handset with more storage out of the box. this seems like a nice deal to have a memory card with such space. It surprising that the memory drastically have increased from the 64 GB to 200 and 512 GB and we can expect the size of memory we will be getting in these small chips in the coming days.
Even if you are a capacity hound who’s taken a phone that’s already packed with tons of internal storage and have augmented that with an extra microSD card for even more space, this is a good news for you. As you wont have to spend money on the internal spaces which cost a lot then those external ones. The best thing about having external memory card is that you can change when the new one comes with more space. But we are still skeptic about the performance those chips might be playing. As they haven’t been tested by many users, its still unsure to truth those giant memory instantly.
Problem may arise when most of the space have been occupied. There might also be times when phones might not support those cards. Therefore phones supporting such huge memory cards will be coming soon in the market.