Flipkart Partnership Nepal

20th August 2020, Kathmandu

Great news for all the online shoppers: Sastodeal brings Flipkart to Nepal! Products from Flipkart are up for grabs in Nepal via Sastodeal. However, it’s not entirely what most people think it is to buy products from Flipkart in Nepal.

This huge tie-up is sure to give Sastodeal a push forward in its journey.

You can now shop from popular Flipkart private Label brands like MarQ and Smartbuy. Flipkart store gives access to over 5000 products from Flipkart with 21 days delivery.

As we visited the site, we also saw various discounts being offered in the Flipkart products. The range of products is also impressive.

Although, let’s just be clear from the start that you cannot buy all products available at Flipkart in Nepal. Also, you cannot do it through Flipkart’s website.

A little about Sastodeal:

Sastodeal is one of Nepal’s biggest online shopping websites. The company’s vision is to make Nepal proud by being the best local example in customer experience. This local e-commerce giant started in 2011 in a garage with just Rs.50,000.

Sastodeal with the mantra ‘Be Genuine‘ surely has come a long way from there.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what Flipkart is, do continue reading.

A little about Flipkart:

According to Wikipedia, Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal founded the company back in 2007. The company started with book sales, and eventually expanded its market into other product categories.

Visit Sastodeal’s website to buy various ranges of products from Flipkart.

From now on, you won’t have to window shop in every Indian shopping site including Flipkart. It’s very much here. All thanks to Sastodeal!

Confusion about Flipkart Store in Nepal

As mentioned earlier, you cannot buy all products available at Flipkart online store. This partnership means that Flipkart is just another vendor at Sastodeal as of now.

So, you can only buy select Flipkart products in Nepal that are enlisted at Sastodeal.

Flipkart Store Nepal

Currently, a few products from Flipkart’s private label brands like MarQ and SmartBuy are available for purchase to the Nepalese shoppers.

Shoppers can browse through 15 categories such as Audio, Auto, Accessories, Footwear, and so on.

Likewise, clothing freaks will also be able to shop items from Myntra, a fashion and lifestyle brand that Flipkart owns.

Buyers need not do anything extra to purchase products from Flipkart in Nepal. In fact, there are no additional steps!

You can simply visit the website and order a product just like how you used to.

How long does it take to get the delivery of Flipkart products?

According to Sastodeal, you can expect a 2 days delivery time for the products available from Flipkart private brands/ SmartBuy.

Meanwhile, ordering through Flipkart store means that you have to wait for a minimum of 21 days.


Because it is a cross-border e-commerce platform.

However, this partnership allows you to enjoy buying products without worrying about a separate payment process.

Sastodeal itself will handle all the payments, return, and damage processing.

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What about Products Pricing?

There is a significant price difference in the products, which is kinda obvious. And, we are not talking about one or two products.

If we compare the price tags for products between the two countries, we will notice that Nepalese shoppers have to pay more for the same products.

However, the reason is the addition of regular taxes and customs costs depending on the category.

Basically, Sastodeal is importing products from Flipkart and selling them in Nepal.

Do buyers get a warranty on these products?

According to Sastodeal, users can contact Sastodeal if the buyers run into any issues regarding their products.

Going Forward

We are sure this partnership has given Sastodeal to a greater height than other shopping sites in Nepal. There are certainly some areas that the company needs to pay attention to.

At the same time, the potential of this partnership can be limitless.

In the upcoming future, Sastodeal will surely focus on expanding its range of products. We sure hope to see some faster delivery time and not to mention, an acceptable price difference.

The e-commerce site is surely giving some competition in the market. Let’s see how others catch up!

Meanwhile, tell us if you are happy with the initiative.

Do write in the comment section below.


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